Zion-American conspiracy in Syria has failed and has been discovered, but the demons are insisting



Zion-American conspiracy in Syria has failed and has been discovered, but the demons are insisting in their perverse action.

Sophisticated technologies and Israeli-American weapons seized, hundreds of terrorists and mercenaries from Goulf Countries, Afganistan, Iraq, Libia and European countries have been arrested.

Documented the involvement of Saudi Arabia and Qatar intelligence officers, CIA, Mossad and Black Water agents.

The devils have been discovered, but they continue to want to harm Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia and possibly the entire world.

We must stop them, we must resist international.

Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Everywhere, However, Always.

SyrianFreePress & LibyanFreePress Coordination of Resistance


This page at http://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/zion-american-conspiracy-in-syria-has-failed-and-has-been-discovered-but-the-demons-are-insisting/

This page at https://terrasantalibera.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/zion-american-conspiracy-in-syria-has-failed-and-has-been-discovered-but-the-demons-are-insisting/

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