Palestinian teen brutally assaulted by Israeli police (+3Video)

Palestinian teen brutally assaulted by Israeli police

Another tense day here in the old city of East Jerusalem Al Quds. While on our way to meet with the family of 16 year old Hasan Afifi who was arrested on Friday and brutally assaulted by Israeli police, we saw a group of Palestinian men sitting just outside one of the gates leading to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The group of men had just been denied entry to the Mosque by the Israeli police. While filming, Israeli police came up to us and instructed us not to film. Reluctantly we moved away few meters and took another position. Minutes after we spotted two under cover police men getting tipped off by the same policemen we encountered few minutes earlier.

The following images speak for themselves. The two under cover policemen walked towards the group men and uttered few words: “why are you sitting here?” and immediately tempers flared and they approached one of the men and snatched him.

There was no provocation from the side of the Palestinian men.



Israeli tour of Al-Aqsa compound sparks clash

Israeli police and special units in extraordinary numbers gathered around the old city of Jerusalem al-Quds.

After the Friday Prayer, Palestinian worshipers began exiting al-Aqsa Mosque compound but the heavy police presence forced them into a confrontation.


Palestinian Boy After Israeli Police Attack

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