Zionist Lobby, Money and the US Politics ~ (Video)



Zionist Lobby, Money and the US Politics

For more than half a century, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has worked to strengthen the US-Israel relationship. From a small pro-Israel public affairs boutique in the 1950s, AIPAC has grown into a 100,000-member national movement described by The New York Times as “the most important organization affecting America’s relationship with Israel.”

For many years AIPAC has falsely advertised Israel as a “democratic state” that best serves US interests in a turbulent and unpredictable part of the world, covering up Israel’s suppression of human rights and its very nature as an entity premised on fanatic militarism, racial segregation and injustice.

Each year, AIPAC is involved in more than 100 legislative and policy initiatives involving Middle East policy or aimed at broadening and deepening the US -Israel bond. AIPAC claims it “has a stranglehold on Congress”. With a $47 million a year budget and more than 100 full-time staffers, it is no doubt a formidable advocate for Israel’s interests.


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