Syrian Video News/Nouvelles ~ (Eng/Fra) ~ 14 October 2012 ~ Syria Decides to Not Allow Turkish Civilian Planes to Fly Over its territory

  1. Based on Principle of Reciprocity, Syria Decides to Not Allow Turkish Civilian Planes to Fly Over Syria as of Midnight of October 13
  2. Terrorists Eliminated, Anti-aircraft Missiles Destroyed in Aleppo
  3. Several Towns in Eastern Ghota, Damascus Countryside, Cleared of Terrorists
  4. Booby-trapped Car Explodes on al-Mazzeh Highway Causing Material Damage Only
  5. Egypt: 35 parties and political movement call for demonstrations against last Friday’s crackdwn.


  1. Purification des localités de la Ghouta est…Deux explosions à al-Mazzah… Destruction des foyers des terroristes à Alep
  2. Le ministère des AE et des expatriés : Conformément au principe de réciprocité, Interdiction de l’espace aérien syrien à l’aviation civile turque
  3. Venezuela: Remaniement ministériel



Uploaded by  and on October 2012

Recorded from Syrian Television

Supported by SyrianFreePressNewtwork and TG24Siria

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