New massacre perpetrated by terrorist gangs in Tal Kalakh, 10 mortar shells fired on Damascus



Massacre perpetrated by terrorist gangs in Tal Kalakh

Gunmen infiltrate al-Shouh village in the north of Tal-Kalakh of Homs countryside and massacre at least 15 civilians.

The foreign-backed terrorists have infiltrated the village and committed a sectarian massacre against its residents claiming the lives of many people, including women and children, and burned the houses of the village.

Later, the Syrian Arab Army has entered the village, and a fierce battles take place between the Syrian Forces and the mercenaries. Few martyrs are reported between the Syrian soldiers and many deaths from the terrorist gangs.

A Free Syrian Army fighter is seen near a mortar in Khirbet Ghazaleh

10 mortar shells fired on Damascus

Foreign-backed terrorists are spread in many areas of Damascus countryside targeting the residential areas of Damascus with mortar shells.

2 mortar shells have landed in al-Qasaa neighborhood of al-Sheikh Reslan areas: no injuries were recorded.

4 mortar shells have been fired also on Bab Touma and 4 others behind al-Adawi highway: no injuries were recorded.


By Syrian Breaking News Reports – 30/10/2013





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