Erdoğan on Way to International Criminal Court ~ The Evidence to Bring Erdoğan to the Dock

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Erdoğan on Way to International Criminal Court

A complaint about PM Erdoğan has been sent to the International Criminal Court, due to the Sarin precursors sent to al-Qaeda, trucks full of weapons captured en route to Syria, terror camps in Turkey and more.

The Turkish PM Erdoğan has been backed into a corner due to cases including Sarin gas precursors and a truck loaded with rocket warheads and missiles being found by security units in the Adana province of Turkey, incidents which, according to a criminal charge sheet filed against him, he was responsible for. The charges may lead to Erdoğan being judged in the International Criminal Court. PM Erdoğan, who may share the same fate as Serbian leaders Slobodan Milošević and Radovan Karadžić, appeared to be struggling to reassure the world of his good intentions in a statement during his visit to Japan, where he said, “Fighting against…

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