Who are the Wahhabi mercenaries “Friends of Syria” ? Who is the US/Saudi’s puppet Ahmad al-Jarba? ~ Syrian Government Position of Strength before Geneva-2

the real Syrian Free Press


Who is Washington’s protégé for Syria?

US/Saudi puppet Ahmad al-Jarba.

Despite the breakthrough agreement on the Syrian peace process reached in Geneva between Russian and American Foreign Ministers, the US administration did not give up its plans to oust President Assad and is still supporting the militants in Syria.

Speaking in Paris today after the talks with French, British, Turkish and Saudi counterparts, SS John Kerry has repeated that the Syrian leader “lost all legitimacy” and “will have to leave even if Syria will fully cooperate with the UN on its Chemical Weapons program”.

Sounds like Washington’s claims are based on a realistic roadmap for transition of power in Damascus to some new secular political leaders. Problem is that after the dismissal of Ms. O’Bagy White House seemingly doesn’t have any.

During Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria on September 3, John Kerry dropped only one name of a…

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