al-Zoubi, Mikdad, al-Jaafari: “We are in Geneva to launch a realistic political track that takes care of Syria’s affairs”

the real Syrian Free Press


The Syrian envoy answered a question on the provocations, particularly the issue of the fabricated photos published lately,  saying:

“There are modern technologies and international intelligence that are able to fabricate everything, and that is why the present time is tough and complicated, where disturbance and lying are easy things  to do…the allegations of the perpetration of a massacre shown in photos reminds us of the allegation of the use of chemical weapons only to turn out later that such a pretense is an utter falseness”.

Al-Jaafari rejected what the media outlets do in terms of utilizing the blood of the Syrians because the Syrian people are those who are losing, clarifying thatlying is an old media weapon, giving an instance of the lie, upon which the US invaded Iraq, with no Security Council resolution related to an actual presenceof weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq has been issued…

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