Syrian Arab Army eliminates terrorist groups in several areas of the country

the real Syrian Free Press


Syrian Provinces ~ SANA/English Bulletin ~ 19 Jan 2014 ~Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in several areas, killing and injuring scores of them, in addition to destroying their weapons and ammuniton.

Army units repel terrorists who attempted to attack Cherubim Convent in Sednaya, Damascus Countryside

Army units clashed with terrorists who attempted to attack the Cherubim Convent in Sednaya in Damascus Countryside, eliminating many of them including non-Syrian terrorists, and confiscating their weapons and ammo which included Israeli-made rifles, shells and launchers, in addition to killing and injuring a number of terrorists who were holed up in a hideout west of the town.

Another unit seized a cache of weapons, ammo, communication equipment, and stolen medical supplies and rugs which terrorists in the fields of Daraya area.

An army unit clashed with a terrorist group in Harasta, killing two of…

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