Syrian Terrorist Commander/Imam Caught Having Sex With Granddaughter, Puts Blame on Girl

the real Syrian Free Press

Mohammed Qasim Al Nasooh imam of a mosque in eastern countryside of Idlib, who later became commander of the FSA Ahbab Al Sahaba battalion, commits incest with his granddaughter.


Untitled 8996

In the video the girl named Yosra Mohamed Rashid confesses that he is her grandfather and she says, that he had no bad intentions.



We believe this translation is pretty close to correct, however may not be word for word. It is unknown who the camera man or his friend are.

Camera man: Congratulations, Abu Fateh, you are now big in my eyes (respected), you are a real man, you’re fucking your daughter’s daughter??

Old man: No, I’m not fucking

Camera man: Oh yeah, that’s right you’re not.. I just have everything on video… here’ I’m coming down.. is this you or not you?

Girl: Please for god’s sake

Other man to old man: What are you doing here…

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