Palestinian Committee for National Dialogue slams Jabhat al-Nusra infiltration back to al-Yarmouk Camp

From the Palestinian al-Yarmouk Camp , Damascus, Syria, 4 March 2014


The Palestinian Committee for National Dialogue slammed the infiltration of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists back into al-Yarmouk camp which threatens to torpedo the popular peace initiative in the camp.


The Committee reiterated the firm stance of the Committee and all Palestinian factions for delivering foodstuffs and humanitarian aid to the locals inside the camp.


The Committee affirmed in the statement that Syria has been firm on the highest levels in backing the consensual attitude in the camp without meddling.


The Committee lashed out at media reports that pointed to a tendency that runs opposed to the consensus, considering them to “not have a shred of truth to them.”


”Such fabrications won’t weaken our resolve to implement the agreement in text and spirit”, the statement said, blaming the setback in peace efforts on the sides who took advantage of the positive atmosphere that surrounded the implementation for the agreement, which lifted hopes in an imminent return to the camp.



TSL  Syrian  News –  March 4, 2014



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