38th Anniversary of the ‘Land Day’, Bouthaina Shaaban: “All those who launch assault on Syria will be repelled…Al-Quds and Golan eyes of Arab Nation”

the real Syrian Free Press

  • Clinging to the land and sacrificing for it is the only choice for us

  • All those who launch assault on Syria will be repelled…hundreds of invaders had come to this land throughout thousands of years, but they were repelled and we have remained here because we believe in our land

  • We should comprehend the principle of the land deeply and comprehensively because it is a basic condition for our existence

  • The Palestinians were not mistaken when they considered that their presence in the land is the only right and genuine existence

  • The West wants the Arab leaders and countries to be in cahoots with them to liquidate the national rights of the Palestinian people

  • Land Day is the day of belonging to the genuine Arab national identity

Bouthaina Shaaban-Land day-700

Damascus – 30/03/2014 – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said that al-Quds and Golan are the eyes of the Arab…

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