ISIL killed 40 fighters of al-Nusra and “Free Army”, 15 of them melted with acid ~ (ENG-ITA)

the real Syrian Free Press



ISIL ambushes 40 fighters of al-Nusra and “Free Army” in Maraka town, Hasaka.

The spokesman of the terrorist group so called “Free Army” said yesterday in declarations to Anatolia news agency that around 60 mercenaries of the ISIL, al-Nusra and the “Free Army” were killed which is the whole toll of two days battles took place in Markada town, south Hasaka province

This spokesman added that ISIL killed about 40 militiamen of al-Nusra and “Free army” after ambushing them in the edges of Markada town, pointing out that 25 killed terrorists were documented by photos, but 15 others had not been able to document them because their bodies were meltedwith acid by ISIL.

They erased the identity of those foreign mercenaries which other Arab terrorists would steal (the identity) to be able to return to the countries of origin of the dead militiamen without issue.

Most of the…

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