Foreign Terrorist Mercenaries from Europe are fighting and dying in Syria, and if they survive they return to Europe as trained terrorists ~ (Video + Sex-Jihad and Fake-Jihad Reports)






Interpol searching for Austrian (of Bosniac origin) teen jihadists in Syria

According to the Daily Mail authorities in Austria believe that two teenage girls who vanished from their homes in Vienna on April 10 may have been tricked into going to Syria to fight for the Islamic takfirist terrorists (for the Sex-Jihad, a sort of Wahhabi sexual abuse perversion).

Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, went to fight a “holy war” (for the fat Saudi pig monarch).


The 2 Austrian takfirists idiots, Samra-Kesinovic and Sabina-Selimovic

The girl’s parents told the Dnevni Avaz (Daily Voice), a newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the pair had left behind letters in which they said they were going to Syria to fight for Islam.

Sabina Selimovic’s father said she had left a letter hidden in her books which read, “We’re going to fight for Islam. See you in Jannah, there is good, there is the eternal world.”

Samra Kesinovic-Sabina Selimovic-After-and-Before

Sabina Selimovic and Samra Kesinovic

The reality is that they are very good for terrorist mercenary groups to be used as slaves for the Sex-Jihad, a sort of Wahhabi perversion, prostituting women and forcing them to multiple sexual relationships with many different men, to appease the baser instincts of the barbarians that are part of the armed groups of Islamist cutthroats, sent, armed and paid by the American regime and monarchies of the Gulf, but protected and taken care of in the hospitals of the Zionist entity
(LINK 1 ~ LINK 2).


New photos on their Facebook pages show them holding Kalashnikov automatic rifles, and in some cases they are surrounded by armed men.

In their latest post, they said they were going “to get married” (with 1,000 men) so they could become “holy prostitute warriors”.

Austrian officials believe the girls are in a training camp and are already married and living in the homes with dozens of husbands, pretty much as prisoners and slaves, to satisfy the sexual desires of depraved frustrated men.


Are some of these masked men possibly the husbands of the sex-jihad girls?

graphic images +18


It is believed the girls arrived in Adana, Turkey on Thursday, which is about 100 km from the Syrian border, according to the Bosniac ‘Dnevni Avaz’.

The parents of the girls say they don’t believe the Facebook messages are being written by their daughters, but admitted they had recently started going to a local mosque run by a radical fake-Imam, Ebu Tejma.

Ebu Tejma-4

Why this scum has not been arrested yet, locked in a cell and the key thrown into the sea?

As long as there are animals like that around, our children will not be able to live safe and free.

Jihadist terrorism must be stopped, starting with the preachers” of death that are hiding in your democratic cities.

None of us thinks we can create a just and free society built on the death of our fellow humans, though of a different faith, or on the destruction of everything that does not respond to the orders of a few lunatics who believe they speak in the name of “god“. Because God does not desire the death of his creatures, but that they live together in mutual respect and love.

Only in this way we can grow and build good and positive things. Those who sow death, reap the whirlwind.

Ebu Tejma-7

This is the Youtube channel where you can listen this terrorist supporter, Ebu Tejma, spreading its sectarian hate and where he begins the recruitment of young idiots and mercenary cutthroats to be sent around the world to commit horrendous crimes against humanity –



Another British idiot teenager takfirist who was killed in Syria

Abdullah Deghayes-18- was recently killed in Syria

Abdullah Deghayes -18- was recently killed in Syria: R.I.H.

A British teenager and nephew of a former Guantanamo Bay inmate has been killed in Syria.

His father, who found out about his son’s death via Facebook, revealed that two of his other sons have also gone to fight in the conflict.

A very nice family: the survivors probably will start a Funeral Home company.

Eighteen-year-old Abdullah Deghayes left Britain in January and died earlier this month. His father, Abubaker Degayes, told reporters outside his home in Brighton, England that his other son, Amer, was wounded by a bullet to the stomach in the same battle.

“He was killed in a battle, as far as I know. His brother, who is also there, is injured. The third brother who is also there is OK. He is fine,” said Abubaker.

This statement is of a few weeks ago, and in the same time SAA has killed thousands terrorists…so probably Abubaker Degayes has no more mercenaries from his family to send to die in Syria: now he can go himself

Abubaker said he never encouraged his children to go to Syria, but thinks of Abdullah as a ‘martyr’.

“I never encouraged them, nor anybody, as far as I know, who is around them encouraged them, They went of their own free will. Of course I think, as a Muslim, that my son is a martyr. Anyone who dies for a just cause is a martyr,” he said.

Get it? Going to commit acts of terrorism, cut throats, bomb kindergartens and schools, massacring civilians, destroy a nation that is not even theirs, for this moron would be a “just cause.” He too should be arrested for inciting terrorism and locked in the same cell of Ebu Tejma.


Aleppo, mortars/rockets attack on civilians and, beside, cutthroats headhunters, 21/4/2014

Abubaker said he had travelled to Turkey earlier this year to meet two of his sons, Abdullah and 16-year-old Jafar.

Abubaker himself is probably a terrorists recruiter that operates in England.

Abdullah’s Uncle, Omar Deghayes, was held by the US at Guantanamo Bay from 2002-2007, after being arrested in Pakistan. Speaking from Tripoli, Libya (after the NATO bombing), Omar said that Abdullah was a young man full of life.

Pictures of Abdullah on Facebook show a British teenager spending time drinking beer with male and female friends. He worked in a sports shop and was due to begin his studies at the University of Brighton.

“We were in a really tight group of friends together and we all went for a carvery a while back as we knew he was going away. We thought it was Libya where he often went to see friends. He never mentioned Syria before – never,” said one of Abdullah’s close friends, as quoted by British media.


This is the end of all alqaedist jihadist terrorists & mercenaries (for Saudi-USA) in Syria: two feet under

May God Always Bless and Protect The Syrian Arab Army & Syrian Defence Forces,

The Strongest Anti-Terrorism Army In The World

Who Work And Sacrifice Themselves For All The Peace-Loving People Of The World


And this is the end of all women in the hands of alqaedist jihadist terrorists & mercenaries: buried alive



SFP news-photos-videos from different sources – 22/4/2014

TSL reloaded – 22/4/2014



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  1. Rudolf05 says:

    Questa è “l’europa” multietnica e multirazziale che Usrael impone laddove la mano malata e assassina dell’usurocrazia e della distruzione morale e materiale agisce indistrurbata. Una subcolonia occupata militarmente e sradicata dalla propria cultura, etnia e tradizioni. Dove l’agire contra Natura è modus vivendi ‘politicamente corretto’ e perversamente imposto dai loschi figuri della setta mondialista. Cominciamo a fare del ‘ghetto di Palestina’ il ricettacolo di questi scarti umani, prodotto delle magnifiche e progressive sorti del modernismo imposto dalle armi a stelle e strisce e dalla finanza degli apolidi assassini. I loro sodali, i gangster del regime Nordamericano presto non potranno più sostenere il peso del tumore Medio Orientale ed allora ne vedremo delle belle. Ora, non proviamo nessuna compassione per la feccia umana, di qualunque età e ex nazione provenga, che vada ad alimentare òle fila o soddisfare le perverse voglie di stupratori con la bottiglia.

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