Ukraine, genocide & ethnic cleansing are effectively in course of work (reports+videos)

the real Syrian Free Press

map-of-dissidents-from-NATOnazi-in Kiev~ Sloviansk-Donetsk Regions are under heavy fire, scores of civilians casualties reported ~ Ukrainian people’s genocide & ethnic cleansing is in course of work ~ The Obama’s nazis in Kiev are obeying the orders, as the Obama’s cannibals are doing in Syria ~ Hundreds Ukrainian mercenaries from Syria are today fighting in south-eastern Ukraine ~ The entire World thanks the Nobel Peace Prize Barak Obama & the Zionist entity’s puppeteers to push all of us toward a catastrophic new world war.
(the real Patriotic Network editor)

Donetsk Region Map-2click on maps to enlarge

Ukraine’s Sloviansk under heavy fire from armored vehicles ~ Spokeswoman for the people’s mayor of Sloviansk says the humanitarian situation in the region continues deteriorating

kiev-heavy-fire-on-sloviansk© AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

SLOVIANSK, 6 June 2014 /ITAR-TASS/ ~ Combat armored vehicles, including tanks, of pro-Kiev military forces are actively attacking and shelling the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, a spokeswoman…

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