US Backed Terrorists Come Home to Roost As ISIS Takes Responsibility For Kidnapping 2 Israeli & 1 American Teenager

the real Syrian Free Press

What did the United States expect?


The Obama administration chose to arm and support the “moderate rebels” ie; the terrorists, so this kidnapping comes as no surprise. They have given terrorists everything from surveillance equipment, bullet proof vests, radio equipment, uniforms to anti tank weapons, sophisticated weapons and whatever else hard weapons they can give them. If its related to combat, the US has supplied the terrorists. So it comes as no surprise that they would eventually begin to hit Israel.

In the White House Press Briefing, Marie Harf accuses President Bashar of not being able to control them in his country. What Marie fails to admit to is there would be NO ISIS or ISIL even in Syria, let alone Israel had the United States not try playing with terrorists in an attempt to overthrow this sovereign country.

Many people around the world would probably welcome the terrorists to move…

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