Al-Baghdaadi is reportedly in a coma and hunted by SAAF in a corner of eastern Syria

the real Syrian Free Press

al-Baghdadi in the burial chamber2

As reported by Ziad Fadel (SyrianPerspective) from local Syrian sources, the alleged leader of the jihadist mercenaries of ISIS-ISIL was struck down and seriously wounded by Iraqi aviation (piloted by Syrian aviators) in the eastern province of Anbaar, in Iraq.

A Sukhoi aircraft hit his convoy and sent him away in a medical condition close to death.

Al-Baghdaadi is reportedly in a coma and treated (by his cannibal friends) on the Syrian side of the border-crossing at Al-Qaa`em.

It has been confirmed that the Syrian Air Forces are flying on “priority” reconnaissance over this area to insure that this murdering sociopath does not reach Turkey where he expects to receive more advanced medical treatment from Erdoghan.

Also the mercenary terrorists of the Jabhat Al-Nusra gang will be active to block him from reaching any medical treatment.

We will be soon witnesses of the shortest ‘caliphate’ of the history.

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