Gaza: Death Toll of the Israeli Aggression Rises to 135

the real Syrian Free Press

Death toll of the Israeli aggression on Gaza rises to over 135

Gaza Death toll hits 135 as Israeli airstrike massacres more civilians

Israeli occupation forces continued Saturday aggression on Gaza Strip as Palestinian medical sources announced that death toll since last Monday rose to over 135 Palestinians and more than 800 wounded persons.

Palestinian News Agency quoted sources as saying that mutilated bodies of three unidentified Palestinians reached the hospital after they were directly hit by the Israeli forces, raising the number of martyrs to 121.

Later reports say the total number of martyrs is over 135.

Later on Saturday evening, spokesman of the emergency committee in Gaza Ashraf al-Qedra said that 15 Palestinians were killed and 35 were injured when a house belonging to al-Batesh family in al-Sha’af area was bombarded, and that another Palestinian was killed and several were injured in an Israeli air raid on Rafah area.

An unspeakable Israeli massacre hit northern Gaza on Saturday as six Palestinians were killed while dozens were…

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