ISIS massacre of al-Shaer UPDATE ~ Hisham Wannous (Syrian National Television) on Telesur: “Terrorists seized the gas field of al-Shaer”

the real Syrian Free Press

Hisham Wannous-Shaer


According to some sources of reputablefriends, is denied the news of the massacre and attack at the gas field of al-Shaer.

Unfortunately, we have to confirm it, including through a declaration of Hisham Wannous on Telesur, reporter for the Syrian official news in Spanish language for the Syrian National Television (all Syrian national video-news in Spanish, many by Hisham Wannous, are available at Noticias de Siria, that in this video, at minute 1:09, states:
“Terroristas se apoderaron del campo de gas de Shaer”
“Terrorists seized the gas field of al-Shaer”.

Ifeverythingisa mistake, andifso many people,even authoritativeandrespectableasthese (Syrian Television reporter Hisham Wannous & Telesur) are mistaken, and we with them, as soon as will be reasonably and even more authoritatively confirmed this, we will apologizeto everyone andwe will correct

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