LATEST GAZA TOLL: 415 Palestinian killed, more than 3000 wounded

the real Syrian Free Press



LATEST GAZA TOLL: 415 Palestinian killed, more than 3000 wounded


UPDATED SUJJAIYA NEW MASSACRE: 65 victims, more than 500 wounded, (20 kids, 16 women, 4 elders)


Health Teams are still collecting dead and injured bodies from the wreckages of slaughtered Sujjaiya Town. 


7 children and women, all from the same family, were found dead in their home in Shojae’ya neighborhood.


Slaughterer Zionist criminals are targeting the ambulances in Shojae’ya


10 Israeli tanks, 7 Armoured Vehicles, 4 Jeeps blown up with crews inside since this morning by Palestinan resistance


Palestinan resistance commandos clash with special Zionist forces of Golani Brigades, killed the brigade commander.


33 zionist soldiers killed in the last 24 hours by Palestian Resistance


Zionist Haaretz: “More than 400 Israeli soldiers, 283 of whom shocked, brought to emergency services”



Local Palestinian Sources

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