GAZA Breaking News: Zionist massive bombing in Gaza minutes before 12hr ceasefire, death toll from Israeli aggression rises to 985, new massacre in Khan Yunis killed 85 Palestinians in one shot

the real Syrian Free Press


The Zionist entity is working from over 60 years to erase the presence of the arab Palestinians from the Holy Land, which Zionists unilaterally declare to be their promised land: the chosen people’s land. Because only them are a ‘chosen people’, all the others are just ‘talking animals’, created to serve the ‘chosen people’ (Talmud).

This is the philosophy (preached bytheir rabbis) at the roots of the Political Zionism, and its armed wing (the israeli Occupation Forces) puts into practice this Jewish radical philosophy, eradicating anyone who is not ‘chosen’ and denying the ‘promised land in all other.

But the Holy Land is of all its inhabitants, especially the Palestinian Arabs, Christians and Muslims, who have always inhabited there long before the Western Zionist settlers arrived with their racist terrorism.
(SFP staff)



Occupied Jerusalem, 26/07/2014 – The Zionist occupation forces despite the cease…

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