Syrian Arab Army (Division-17) Kills 520 ISIS Savages in Spectacular Defensive Operation (a Ziad Fadel Report)

the real Syrian Free Press


A Ziad Fadel Report: Syrian Arab Army (Division-17) Kills 520 ISIS Barbarian Savages in Spectacular Defensive Operation.


High ranking Ba’ath Party sources have confirmed the successful repelling of over 6 full-frontal attacks on a regiment of the SAA Division 17 in Al-Raqqa Province.  This division is huge and extends over a vast area of the province with over 18,000 enlisted men and officers backed by the very best equipment Syria possesses, not to mention full air supremacy.

Warning to all readers:  As you know, ISIS is being helped by American, British (read: BBC) and Zionist psyops experts in presenting its narrative of victory to a naive audience of rat supporters and derelicts – essentially people who wouldn’t have known that paper comes from wood.  Be careful, and look at the source of the information before you regale me with any nonsense in the comment section.

Division 17 has…

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