Ukraine, MH17 crash: US intelligence conceals truth about Malaysian jet crash in Ukraine

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Aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Boeing crashAftermath of Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash

US intelligence conceals truth about Malaysian jet crash in Ukraine

By  Tamara Zamyatina – ITAR-TASS –  Six days after the Malaysian Boeing tragedy, US intelligence officials acknowledged that Washington had no information on Russia’s direct involvement in the July 17 plane crash.

“Therefore, US security services have dismissed State Secretary John Kerry’s statement made on July 20 that an air defense missile system which shot down the Malaysian Boeing-777 airliner in eastern Ukraine had been delivered from Russia,” President of the Geopolitical Analysis International Centre Colonel General Leonid Ivashov told ITAR-TASS.

“US secutiry officials keep claiming that the Malaysian passenger airliner was shot down ‘by mistake’ as militia took it for a warplane but do not insist on Russia’s role in the supplies of air defense systems to Donetsk forces. They give no technical details. So, they do not seek evidence to investigate the…

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