Latest News and Military Reports on Syria, Palestine, Iraq in Video [28 July 2014] ~ [Eng-Fra-Arab]

the real Syrian Free Press


ENG ~Syria News 28/7/2014

Content of the Video News:

  • Terrorist mortar attacks injure citizens in #Damascus and its Countryside

  • President al-Assad performs prayer of Eid al-Fitr at al-Khair Mosque, Damascus

  • Large-scale counter-terrorism military operations continue across the country, regains security to areas in #Homs and #Hasakeh

  • In #Hama: Syrian Arab Army targets terrorist hide-outs

  • #Syrian_Arab_Army eliminates a terrorist group and destroy vehicles, in #Idleb and #Aleppo countryside

  • #Morocco: More than 3000 Moroccans joined terrorist organizations to fight in Iraq or Syria

  • Israeli aggression continues against Gaza, #Palestinian resistance clashes with occupation infantry killing 2, wounding 2

  • #Security #Council urges Israeli forces & Palestinian resistance to implement ceasefire throughout Eid Al-Fetr and after it

  • #Iran: President #Rohani send separate congratulation messages to Islamic Leaders and Peoples alike

  • #Zarif: #Massacres #committed by #Zionists against #women and #children of Gaza; shook world conscious

  • #Russia: #Lavrov calls for an #immediate #ceasefire in #Gaza

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