Latest News and Military Reports on Syria, Palestine, Iraq in Video [29 July 2014] ~ [Eng-Fra-Arab]

the real Syrian Free Press


ENG ~Syria News 29/7/2014

Content of the Video News:

  • In Homs countryside competent authorities have seized a car coming from Lebanon containing 20kg of hashish
  • Army advances Damascus countryside kills terrorists in Mleha, eliminates others in Lattakia and Aleppo countryside
  • In Quneitra province, an army unit killed all members of an armed terrorist group in al-Qahtaniyeh town
  • 22nd day of #Israeli #aggression claims lives of 100 Palestinians in #Gaza, shuts down its Power Station
  • Despite the difficult circumstances they are living in, Syrians performs Eid Al-Fitr prayers in different cities
  • Security Council adopts resolution prohibiting buying oil from terrorists in Syria and Iraq
  • #Iraq: Iraqi army kills large number of ISIS terrorists
  • #Iran, Leader of Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenai Palestinian cause is the main central cause of Islamic world and humanity as a whole



FRA ~ Journal de Syrie 29/7/2014

Contenu de le Vidéo Journal:

  • Opérations spécifiques de…

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