While 2 Palestinians were murdered by Zionist monsters in West Bank, the Kosher occupation forces resume aggression on Gaza: 1914 are the Palestinians killed after 34 days of shelling from sky-land-sea

the real Syrian Free Press

2 Palestinians shot dead by Israelis in West Bank

Another day, another funeral. Palestinians marched in their thousands to mourn the Israeli killing of 20-year-old Mohammad al-Qatary, who has become the 17th Palestinian to be killed in the West Bank in one month.

Mohammad’s friends explained to me that they had attended a demonstration in support of Gaza people. They were marching on an Israeli settlement near Ramallah, where they were ambushed by Israeli forces.

Marwan added that the Israelis prevented an ambulance from reaching Mohammad, and by the time they received the body, he had suffered severe blood loss and was pronounced dead. They also found he was shot in the heart following the beating. An autopsy will be performed today.


1914 are the Palestinians killed in Gaza after 33 days of shelling from sky-land-sea


The Israeli occupation forces resumed Saturday their brutal bombing on a number of…

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