The US pretend to fight its creature, Daesh-IS, while horrendous crimes against humanity are committed by these wild barbarians in Iraq and Syria

L’amministrazione Americana Finge Di Combattere Daesh, Ma In Realtá Pascola Il Suo Bestiame Verso La Meta Prestabilita

the real Syrian Free Press


The American Administration Is Pretending To Fight Its Creature, Daesh-ISIL, But In Reality Graze Its Animals Towards The Middle.

Horrendous Crimes Against Humanity Are Committed By The Wild Barbarians Of Daesh-Is In Iraq And Syria …


The Obama administration… whilepretending tofight them,insteadonlyprotectsAmerican interests,withtargeted bombings, not to protect populationssubjectedtodaily massacre, butto pushthe barbarian hordeof cutthroatsto Syria… while theErdogan governmentcooperates, protectingandcaring for themin itsboundary hospitals.


DaeshISIL is an American creature, has been proven and is also the official statements by the Obama administration (Clinton), but left to the state brado it is unleashed in the wrong direction, toward the Iraqi Kurdistan and the oil fields operated by the United States, so Obama now pretends to…

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