President al-Assad speech at al-Baath Arab Socialist Party meeting in Tartous: “Daesh (ISIS) came to cap accumulating wrong-headed policies by parties of countries hostile to Syria…Any international effort should serve to bolster reconciliations and pressure the countries backing terrorists with funds and arms to cease their support” ~ (Reports in Eng/Fra/Esp/Ita)

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President al-Assad: ISIS emergence capped wrong-headed policies of countries hostile to Syria

Damascus, 20/11/2014 – President Bashar al-Assad said the region is going through a “critical juncture”, with the steadfastness of the Syrian people being a crucial factor in determining where the region is heading to.

President al-Assad was speaking during his meeting with leadership members of Tartous branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Added to that, the President stressed, the support of friends and the international acknowledgment of the dangers of terrorism on regional and international stability until reaching a real and genuine international cooperation against this ‘dangerous scourge’ are crucial for determining the future of the region.

President al-Assad praised the ‘advanced national sense’ that the Syrians embody in all Syrian areas, including Tartous province, a sense that he said is manifest through the sacrifices they are making and their hosting compatriots who have been displaced from…

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