False Flag Alert: U.S. & Turkey put ‘on hold’ until May the training of NATO mercenary forces for Syria invasion

the real Syrian Free Press


The British government peculiarly recently ‘announced’ in the ‘media’ not in the British Parliament, which was by no co-incidence shut down for ‘elections’ that day that British soldiers were going to try to ‘train’ what would really become a NATO ground invasion force for Syria launched from Turkey.

We asked the obvious question (in writing) to which there has inevitably yet been no legal written response from the British government, over what legal grounds there are to train what in legal terms are terrorists in Turkey, who the British government could not train in Britain.


Obviously there are not and will never be any legal grounds for British soldiers to train terrorists in Turkey etc.

All the NATO War propaganda you read in the MSM (much of which is thoughtlessly regurgitated by the so called ‘alternative’ news media) is searching for a false pretext and designed to give a false…

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