Israeli investigative journalist: “Bibi [Netanyahu] a suspect in Charlie Hebdo massacre”

the real Syrian Free Press

Netanyahu’s “guilty demeanor”…

…too obvious to be denied

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


A leading Israeli investigative journalist has gone public with his suspicions that the January shootings in Paris were a false flag – and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a key suspect.


Barry Chamish, author of the bestselling Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, made the remarks in a radio interview with this author, transcribed for the new book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 (now available on Amazon). Chamish also recently did a second interview in which the same suspicions were expressed.

In the first interview, Chamish said:

Well, I read your stuff, and by the way, I’ve got the same suspicions (that the Charlie Hebdo affair was a false flag). I’m not sure if it’s the same conclusions. But I certainly share the suspicions. The perpetrator, Said Kouachi, left…

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