The Ugly Trade in Human Life in Yarmouk, Syria by Abbas’ Fatah & Qatari backed Hamas faction of Meshaal, Haniyeh & Marzouk

the real Syrian Free Press

It is within the single context of trading in other people’s human lives for personal financial gain that the volte face by Abbas Fatah and the long treacherous behaviour of the ‘political’ Hamas faction of Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk in Yarmouk in Syria can be seen.

Both Fatah and the Hamas faction led by Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk are not only entirely discounted as supporting any resistance whatsoever to NATO, but are the worst kind of traitors towards their fellow human being.


source: Hamas “bodyguard” Mohamed az-Zaghmoud (Abu Ahmad al-Musheer) set up a terrorist group in Yarmouk before being injured in December 6th 2014

Contrary to the narrow NATO rhetoric of Fatah and the Meshaal Hamas faction, true resistance to NATO, like true Islam and society’s rule of law embraces everywhere.

Fatah typically collected the brown envelope by first claiming they backed Palestinian resistance in Yarmouk before backtracking.


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