Yemen: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Saudi Regime Against Yemeni Civilians ~ WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

the real Syrian Free Press

Saudi Defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman-Criminal Alien Species-559x388

We demand an immediate response from the Security Council of the United Nations, including resolutions and sanctions against Riyadh and his accomplices, backers in the extermination of the Yemeni people (and of the people of Syria, Iraq, and of the migrant workers who daily are cruelly slaughtered in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and in all Gulf dictatorial regimes …)

Taiz,Yemen:Latest imagesofwar crimes and crimesagainst humanitycommitted by the Saudi regime(US-backed).

Saudiwarplanesbrutallyattackeda residential areaof theYemeni cityofTaiz:11people dead,including many children, andanother 20people were injured.

Dreadful photos of Taiz massacre from ‘AgencyBaytNews Agency(ABNA)




ABNA 24Suudi savaş uçaklarının Taiz şehri yerleşim bölgesine vahşi saldırısı
Intro & Photographic Compositionby SyrianPatriotsSubmitted by Cem Ertür

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