Idlib and Aleppo: the Bloodied Beards of Turkey’s Terrorists ~ [Ziad Fadel report]

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The Bloodied Beards of Turkey’s Terrorists


The “Factory Area” (Al-Ma’mal) between Al-Jood Association and Bayaanoon Village saw wild and wooly moments as the Syrian Army continued its march toward Turkey.  A van loaded with 7 rats was destroyed and all their weapons and ammunition seized for distribution to our militias.

Many of our readers are contacting me about Al-Zahraa Town near Nibbul with news about its liberation.  I have received reports only that the army is tackling stubborn defenses there with significant progress.  I am, of course, like many of you, anxious to see the town liberated and its population freed from the stench of the Erdoghani Turks. Let’s hope we can declare it rat-free tomorrow.

Rat websites have announced the death of one of their verminious heroes, one called ‘Adnaan Junayd Abu-Hilaal, a Nusra leader.  He was…

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