A Safe zone in Syria… for terrorists! ~ [Video Report]

A Turkish project to substitute Al-Qaeda with Al-Qaeda

Safe zone in Syria… for terrorists!
Turkey to substitute Al-Qaeda with Al-Qaeda

Turkey is playing back the same old song of “the safe zone” to be formed northern Syria, as a condition to join the U.S-coalition against ISIL.

It presents the project under humanitarian titles.

In his recent interview on CNN, Turkish PM has painted a rosy picture of the no-fly zone that he referred to as “a safe area”
“…to have an area where terrorist groups cannot come in and in that area, civilians could feel safe against regime attacks and against terrorist groups. Now it is time to have such an area against ISIS attacks especially”

Davutoglu, too concerned about Syrian civilians, is certain that the solution is to fill the vacuum in the territories that are out of the regime’s control with the moderate opposition’s fighters that he presented, on the Western screen, just the appropriate way:
“There we need to support moderate opposition forces, moderate opposition forces means all those forces who are tolerant to other Syrian”

10731007_1515328998747289_3187338401995936305_n - Copy (3)

The Turkey-backed moderate opposition is the Conquest Army which has been formed in coordination with Saudi Arabia last March and recently conquered several cities on Turkish border
LEADER IN Conquest Army – (Arabic)

Oops! It might be just a slip of the tongue… we should better listen to a venerable moderate leader in the Conquest Army… he has a very little problem, he’s Saudi, but what matters is his tolerance:
Dr. Abdallah Al-Mhesni – (Arabic)
“Inshallah, we will liberate Al-Assad’s hometown and Lattakia from the damned Alawites”

And here’s how the Conquest Army’s tolerant fighters deal with locals in the villages they invaded in Idlib
Nevertheless, Turkish government is desirous of forming this zone.
On the other hand, is Ankara really keen to fight ISIL?
This is not what Martin Chulov finds out in the Guardian. He reveals that the U.S. administration made sure not to let the Turkish government know about its plan to eliminate ISIL’s leader Abu Sayaf last May as it has a strong business relationship with the man.

It’s become clear that Turkey has several enemies in Syria; the Syrian army in the first place and the Kurdish forces, but not very likely ISIL.


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