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Appeal from Yemen for Easter: Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, a Catholic priest, is still missing and threatened to be crucified by Daesh

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Daesh, in Yemen on behalf of the al-Saud family, is committing, as always, horrendous crimes, in the conspiracy of silence by the Western media enslaved to U.S. and Israel


One week after the attack on the house of the Missionaries of Charity in Aden, in Yemen, there is still no news of the Indian Salesian missionary Fr Tom Uzhunnalil.

In addition to the sisters, the driver and at least two other Ethiopian employees of the community were killed during the terrorist attack. The Mother Superior of the convent escaped. The elderly and disabled people housed at the community are all alive.

As yet, there is no news of Fr Uzhunnalil who has been residing at the Sisters’ convent since the Holy Family church in Aden was looted and set on fire by unidentified armed men last September.

Also 4 Missionary Sisters of Charity, the congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, were murdered by a group of armed men who attacked their convent, in the Yemeni city of Aden.
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Humanitarians for War on Libya, Syria… Exposed … [Chlorine Gas, No Fly Zone, AVAAZ, White Helmets, HRW, PHR, Amnesty…and more…]

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~ PART 1 & PART 2 ~

~ Part 1 of this article (31 March 2015) documented the campaign by Avaaz and others for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria and contrasted the promises with the consequences in Libya.

~ Part 2 (3-5 April 2015) examines the allegations of chlorine gas attacks in Syria, what various organizations are doing and saying and where major violations of international law are occurring.

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A massive campaign in support of foreign intervention against Syria is underway. The goal is to prepare the public for a “No Fly Zone” enforced by US and other military powers. This is how the invasion of Iraq began. This is how the public was prepared for the US/NATO air attack on Libya.

The results of western ‘regime change’ in Iraq and Libya have been disastrous. Both actions have dramatically reduced the security, health, education and living standards of the populations, created anarchy and mayhem, and resulted in the explosion of sectarianism and violence in the region. Now the Western/NATO/Israeli and Gulf powers, supported by major intervention-inclined humanitarian organizations, want to do the same in Syria. Is this positive or a repeat of past disasters?

Major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the campaign include Avaaz, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), “White Helmets” also known as “Syria Civil Defence, “The Syria Campaign” , Amnesty International etc.. These campaigns are well funded and in accord with the efforts of John McCain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others who are explicit in wanting “regime change” in Syria. Turkey continues to press for the No Fly Zone as the US and Turkey launch another round of training “moderate rebels” at bases in Turkey… … … Continue reading

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President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new term, addresses Syrians in milestone speech

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Damascus – President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in Wednesday (16/7/2014) before the members of the People’s Assembly. Following the swearing-in ceremony, the President delivered a speech in which he first saluted the Syrian people. ~ ~ Below is the full … Continue reading

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Presidente Bashar Al-Assad: “La Guerra Intellettuale é uno degli Aspetti più Gravi dell’ Aggressione Contro la Siria” ~ (Ita-Eng)

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PRESIDENTE BASHAR AL-ASSAD: “LA GUERRA INTELLETTUALE É UNO DEGLI ASPETTI PIÙ GRAVI DELL’ AGGRESSIONE CONTRO LA SIRIA” Il Presidente Bashar al -Assad ha detto questa domenica che la guerra intellettuale ed i tentativi di abolire o sostituire le identità sono … Continue reading

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Aleppo Prison Siege Lifted By Saa, Al-Zahraa Residence Area Liberated (a Ziad Fadel military report)

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~ ALEPPO: Al-Zahraa: This town is on the path to the liberation of ‘Anadaan, the key to all Aleppo. Yesterday, we received confirmation from Wael that the residential areas have been deloused completely now and that the remaining areas are … Continue reading

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Syrian Popular and Army Resistance Unmasks Qatar-Turkey-Saudi’s true face ~ La Resistenza Siriana militare e popolare rivela il vero volto Turco-Qatar-Saudita ~ (Eng-Ita)

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Syrian Popular and Army Resistance Unmasks Qatar-Turkey-Saudi’s true face Syria’s resistance against its enemies during the ongoing crisis in the Arab country has unmasked Saudi Arabia’s plots and the real nature of the war against Syria, a political analyst says, … Continue reading

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