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“World Poverty, Immigration and Rubber Balls”: why mass migration will never give benefits to any country

ENG ~ This 6 minute video talks about world poverty, immigration and rubber balls. Simply and dramatically, it explains why mass migration will never give benefits to any country. The video talks about the American situation, but the same reasoning must … Continue reading

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No screams and tears of outrage in the Western media for these angels massacred in Aleppo [by the Obama administration’s moderate terrorists]

This is Zeinab Skheta, Imad Bistani, Fatma Sheikho and Mona Naassan. They were killed on Sunday morning, in Syria’s Aleppo, alongside 6 other schoolchildren, when the “moderate rebels” backed by the Obama administration fired mortar shells into their classroom. (Photos by Sarah Ab)

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Who Are the Zionist-Jews of the Trump Team?

RELATED (Italian): “Nuovi e vecchi ‘loro’ attorno a Trump… …tanto vale imparare a conoscerli“ NOTE: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of their authors. The team and the editorial staff of TerraSantaLibera do not necessarily subscribe every point of … Continue reading

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La “strana guerra” di Bruxelles contro Daesh

Gli attentati terroristici a Bruxelles, rivendicati da Daesh, e la liberazione di Palmira dai terroristi da parte dell’esercito siriano mercoledi’ e giovedi’. Due eventi che hanno avuto luogo in continenti diversi ma simbolicamente vicini l’uno all’altro.  

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27 March 2016, Syrian Armed Forces and their Allies retake Palmyra from Daesh: Summary and Synthesis of the Events

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra and its residential areas from Daesh (ISIS). The Syrian armed forces now aim to use the desert city as a ‘launchpad’ to expand operations against the terrorist group: Raqqa and … Continue reading

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Appeal from Yemen for Easter: Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, a Catholic priest, is still missing and threatened to be crucified by Daesh

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Daesh, in Yemen on behalf of the al-Saud family, is committing, as always, horrendous crimes, in the conspiracy of silence by the Western media enslaved to U.S. and Israel


One week after the attack on the house of the Missionaries of Charity in Aden, in Yemen, there is still no news of the Indian Salesian missionary Fr Tom Uzhunnalil.

In addition to the sisters, the driver and at least two other Ethiopian employees of the community were killed during the terrorist attack. The Mother Superior of the convent escaped. The elderly and disabled people housed at the community are all alive.

As yet, there is no news of Fr Uzhunnalil who has been residing at the Sisters’ convent since the Holy Family church in Aden was looted and set on fire by unidentified armed men last September.

Also 4 Missionary Sisters of Charity, the congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, were murdered by a group of armed men who attacked their convent, in the Yemeni city of Aden.
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Una voce dalla Siria [video-intervista]

Intervista di Alessandra Mulas al Ministro degli Affari Religiosi della Rep. Araba di Siria, Muhammad ‘Abd el-Sattar el-Sayyed.

Che cosa significa “opposizione moderata” quando si ha di fronte gente che ammazza e distrugge le infrastrutture?, si chiede il ministro.

Il problema è l’ideologia wahhabita, che come la Fratellanza Islamica è – afferma il ministro – una creazione dell’Inghilterra.

L’America ed i suoi alleati non sopportano la tolleranza religiosa esistente in Siria.

I siriani sono naturalmente “moderati”.

Di fronte hanno un pericolo mortale, il terrorismo dei takfiristi e dei wahhabiti, sostenuto dagli occidentali. Continue reading

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