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Jerusalem: the Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back? ~ [Towards the Creation of a Greater (Anglo-Zionist) Israel]

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When President Trump on 6 December 2017 declared unilaterally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to where the US Embassy shall relocate, he violated UN Resolutions, international law, common sense and went against all diplomatic efforts to eventually bring peace to the region, not to speak about 130 countries that have already voiced opposition to such a decision. And this, before the Peace Process is coming to an end, at which point the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords would play out. They are also called the Road Map for Peace, between Palestine and Israel, which foresees a two-state solution and accordingly a mutual decision on Jerusalem becoming the capital city for both Palestine and Israel. These Oslo Peace Accords are still valid today.

But Mr. Trump may not have a clue that such a Peace Accord even exists. And his handlers obviously had no interest of telling him. – And even if they did, it would make no difference, because the exceptional nation has no scruples demolishing any agreements of the past, regardless whether or not it – the US of A – were party to the shaping of them.

Instead of bringing peace, Trump killed the aspiration of peace, he de facto killed the notion of a two-state solution – and he effectively isolated the US from literally the rest of the world. Was this a bold provocation inspired by Trump’s Zionist masters, a trial balloon to find out how much of impunity the world would tolerate?

Behind the Trump strategy lays a broader objective, the creation of a Greater Israel, that would stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile, cutting through Saudi Arabia, absorbing Jordan, a large portion of Syria and most of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. This is to make Israel a Middle Eastern super-power, sitting on a huge junk of the sub-continent’s energy wealth and on most of the Middle east’s fresh water reserves, on behalf of the Anglo-Zionist Empire… … … Continue reading

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Entrati in Europa 4.000 componenti dell’ISIS travestiti da “rifugiati”??? ~ +2 CORRELATI: “4000 miembros de EIIL entran a Europa disfrazados de refugiados” + “The Daesh-ISIS Conspiracy, Origins (2 Videos)”

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Entrati in Europa 4.000 componenti dell’ISIS travestiti da “rifugiati” Il gruppo terrorista dell’ISIS (Daesh in arabo) ha inviato in Europa più di 4.000 dei suoi componenti camuffati come ” rifugiati siriani”, lo ha rivelato  un elemento che fa parte della … Continue reading

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Humanitarians for War on Libya, Syria… Exposed … [Chlorine Gas, No Fly Zone, AVAAZ, White Helmets, HRW, PHR, Amnesty…and more…]

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~ PART 1 & PART 2 ~

~ Part 1 of this article (31 March 2015) documented the campaign by Avaaz and others for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria and contrasted the promises with the consequences in Libya.

~ Part 2 (3-5 April 2015) examines the allegations of chlorine gas attacks in Syria, what various organizations are doing and saying and where major violations of international law are occurring.

[… … … … … … … … … …]

A massive campaign in support of foreign intervention against Syria is underway. The goal is to prepare the public for a “No Fly Zone” enforced by US and other military powers. This is how the invasion of Iraq began. This is how the public was prepared for the US/NATO air attack on Libya.

The results of western ‘regime change’ in Iraq and Libya have been disastrous. Both actions have dramatically reduced the security, health, education and living standards of the populations, created anarchy and mayhem, and resulted in the explosion of sectarianism and violence in the region. Now the Western/NATO/Israeli and Gulf powers, supported by major intervention-inclined humanitarian organizations, want to do the same in Syria. Is this positive or a repeat of past disasters?

Major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the campaign include Avaaz, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), “White Helmets” also known as “Syria Civil Defence, “The Syria Campaign” , Amnesty International etc.. These campaigns are well funded and in accord with the efforts of John McCain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others who are explicit in wanting “regime change” in Syria. Turkey continues to press for the No Fly Zone as the US and Turkey launch another round of training “moderate rebels” at bases in Turkey… … … Continue reading

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La brigata israeliana di fanteria Golani si occupa della formazione dei ranghi alti dei comandi del gruppo terroristico DAESH (ISIL – ISIS) nel Sinai per compiere operazioni di sabotaggio in Egitto e nell’area nord-africana, ha rivelato recentemente un’anziano giudice iracheno. Wahhab al-Tayee, portavoce di al-Sadeqoun, una fazione del parlamento d’Iraq affiliata al gruppo Asaib Ahl al-Haq, ha detto che il gruppo terroristico di Daesh-ISIS, che sta andando incontro al completo annientamento in Iraq e Siria a causa delle gravi perdite che quotidianamente subisce per mano degli eserciti Siriano e Iracheno, “è stato trasferito in Egitto con il nome di Daames, o ISES (Stato islamico d’Egitto e Sudan)”. Continue reading

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Daesh, Libia e Primavere Arabe: due interviste con lo storico Paolo Sensini

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Presentiamo due belle interviste rilasciate dallo storico Paolo Sensini a due testate web nei giorni scorsi, dove egli affronta l’attuale evoluzione delle cosí dette “primavere arabe” (progetto forgiato da mani ‘atlantiste’ per provocare la destabilizzazione dell’area mediorientale e nord-africana in … Continue reading

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Intervista rilasciata dal Presidente Al-Assad al giornale Ceco ‘Literární Noviny’ ~ (ITA)

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Il presidente Bashar al-Assad ha dichiarato, in un’intervista rilasciata al quotidiano ceco ‘Literární Noviny’, che: “la Siria é contro l’uccisione di persone innocenti ovunque nel mondo”, sottolineando che “I politici occidentali sono miopi, hanno una prospettiva ristretta, e, rispetto a … Continue reading

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The Golden Trap of Chess Master Vladimir Putin ~ La Trappola d’Oro del Maestro di Scacchi Vladimir Putin ~ [Eng-Rus-Ita]

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(ENG) ~ An article definitely to be spread and read, especially by those who have not well understood the geopolitical economic and military strategy of Putin and today’s Russia.

(ITA) ~ Un articolo decisamente da leggere e diffondere, specialmente verso coloro che non hanno ancora ben compreso la strategia geopolitica finanziaria e militare di Putin e della Russia dei giorni nostri. Continue reading

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