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Jerusalem: the Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back? ~ [Towards the Creation of a Greater (Anglo-Zionist) Israel]

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When President Trump on 6 December 2017 declared unilaterally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to where the US Embassy shall relocate, he violated UN Resolutions, international law, common sense and went against all diplomatic efforts to eventually bring peace to the region, not to speak about 130 countries that have already voiced opposition to such a decision. And this, before the Peace Process is coming to an end, at which point the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords would play out. They are also called the Road Map for Peace, between Palestine and Israel, which foresees a two-state solution and accordingly a mutual decision on Jerusalem becoming the capital city for both Palestine and Israel. These Oslo Peace Accords are still valid today.

But Mr. Trump may not have a clue that such a Peace Accord even exists. And his handlers obviously had no interest of telling him. – And even if they did, it would make no difference, because the exceptional nation has no scruples demolishing any agreements of the past, regardless whether or not it – the US of A – were party to the shaping of them.

Instead of bringing peace, Trump killed the aspiration of peace, he de facto killed the notion of a two-state solution – and he effectively isolated the US from literally the rest of the world. Was this a bold provocation inspired by Trump’s Zionist masters, a trial balloon to find out how much of impunity the world would tolerate?

Behind the Trump strategy lays a broader objective, the creation of a Greater Israel, that would stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile, cutting through Saudi Arabia, absorbing Jordan, a large portion of Syria and most of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. This is to make Israel a Middle Eastern super-power, sitting on a huge junk of the sub-continent’s energy wealth and on most of the Middle east’s fresh water reserves, on behalf of the Anglo-Zionist Empire… … … Continue reading

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Palestinian people commemorate 66th anniversary of 1948′s Nakba ~ Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: “Arab Spring is the continuation of al-Nakba” ~ 2 Palestinians Killed by Zionist Entity on Nakba Day

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~ Palestinians commemorate al-Nakba + News of the Day ~ Palestiniens commémorent la Nakba + Nouvelles du jour ~   The Palestinian people commemorate the 66th anniversary of 1948′s Nakba. Statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine … Continue reading

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An honest Jew, son of a Zionist General, tells the Real Truth about Israel

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Miko Peled was born in Jersusalem into a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. When Miko’s niece was killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, … Continue reading

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Articoli, Foto, Video, scritti-scattate-registrati, Missione in Siria della Delegazione Siro-Italiana (aprile/maggio 2012)

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* Articoli, Foto, Video, scritti-scattate-registrati-raccolti da Filippo Fortunato Pilato, corrispondente freelancer per diverse testate, durante la Missione in Siria della delegazione Siro-Italiana di giornalisti, editori, scrittori, osservatori, tra la fine di aprile e la prima settimana di maggio 2012. Vari … Continue reading

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